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 ODS DEFENSE is comprehensive collection of products that will help companies to create defense barrier to protect employees against infection spreading and help to maintain social distancing in today’s office.

It will take time to figure out the clear concept of tomorrow’s office.  Meanwhile ODS Defense products are ready to work with existing furniture and help to create safe, comfortable and productive office environments for the employees today.

Key features

 VERSATILITY.  ODS DEFENSE solutions are fully integrated with ODS products – Crossroads, XBench and Lift tables.  They will also work with customers’ existing furniture – cubicles, benching, height-adjustable tables and private office furniture regardless of furniture brand.

DESIGN & FUNCTION. ODS DEFENSE brackets used to support various available screens are elegantly designed, precision laser cut from steel and then powder coated and available in multiple colors. You won’t see any welding marks or unnecessary screws.  Divider screens can be on casters, glides or flat footed.  They can be free-standing or attached to the wall.  No matter what you needs are, ODS DEFENSE products will let you reach your goals and do it in style.


MULTIPLE OPTIONS.  ODS DEFENSE screens are available in many options: clear and frosted glass, clear and frosted acrylic with other colors available, PROTECT PET Polyester with many colors and pattern available, painted metal, laminate, white board and fabric.


With ODS DEFENSE products you do not have to sacrifice design, quality or function while adjusting to new normal of today’s office and providing safe, comfortable and production working office environment for your employees.



Textile selection


Laminate & Edge Trim selection

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Woodgrain Laminates
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Woodgrain Edges

Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) selection

Metallic RTF
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Woodgrain RTF

Metal Paints Selection

Metal Paints

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